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I started my bachelor training in cellular and molecular biology at the University of Osnabrueck, Germany, in 2005 and was immediately drawn to the question of how microbes are capable solving a multitude of tasks with only the tools that are available in one single cell. After a brief excursion into the area of human genetics, I continued my training (now towards the master degree) at the Philipp University of Marburg, Germany, where I joined the lab of Kai Thormann in 2011 to study physiological aspects of the flagellar motor in γ-proteobacteria. For my PhD thesis, I continued to work with Prof. Thormann (since 2013 at the University of Giessen, Germany), now also focusing on questions related to cell polarity and chemotaxis. My PhD studies have further cemented my interest in bacterial cell physiology, which I now seek to understand and analyze in more detail and with higher resolution at the Briegel lab. To do so I received a fellowship in 2017 funded by the German National Academy of Science Leopoldina.

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