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If there's one thing we know about Karl Lagerfeld, it's that he was endlessly inspired by the women he wanted to dress. From Cara Delevingne and Caroline De Maigret, to Lily Allen and Janelle Monae, the Chanel muses were the hottest, and most interesting, girl gang in fashion.

Never one to play by the rules, Lagerfeld loved women who had a definitively unique and even strange quality to them, once describing long-time Chanel model Cara as 'not a standout beauty'. And it's precisely this intangible coolness, for want of a better word, that makes the muses the hottest FROW at fashion week.

Our alternative Chanel muse of choice? The badass and forever nonchalant Kristen Stewart.

Kristen Stewart Chanel AW19

Getty Images

Hitting us with her signature don't give a f attitude with a chic Chanel twist, Stewart attended the AW19 show at the Grand Palais sporting a monogrammed ski suit.

Paying tribute to the designer's final collection for the fashion house, Stewart opted for a monogrammed snowsuit covered head-to-toe in the iconic double C logo that Lagerfeld designed.

Kristen Stewart Chanel AW19 Snowsuit


Sat next to singer and fellow Chanel girl Janelle Monae on wooden benches in front of the Chalet Gardenia, the Personal Shopper actress fitted perfectly into the alpine theme of the après ski show in her quilted onesie.

Covered in double Cs and quilted all over, K-Stew looked not unlike a classic Chanel 2.55 handbag...

The 28-year-old's signature grungey blonde crop and dark red smokey eye make-up lent the snow-proof ensemble a sultry edge. A pair of black patent mary jane heels finished Stewart's winter wonderland outfit.

We're calling it, K-Stew wins the award for Most Chic Après Ski Ensemble ever.

Kristen Stewart Chanel AW19 Snowsuit


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