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Erica Mena's BEEN slaying on Instagram.

Say what you will about Erica Mena, but there's no denying that the fiery, outspoken reality star knows how to maintain her profile. After first gaining recognition for bringing the drama during season two of Love & Hip-Hop: New York, Mena secured a slot as a main cast member for the next three seasons and steadily cashed her VH1 checks in the background. Alongside a steady reality television career, Mena's personal life kept her in the headlines as she frequently blasted her ex's in both social media and interviews alike. From trolling ex-fiance Bow Wow for his alleged less-than-impressive manhood, to clowning both DJ Envy and his wife Gia Casey on social media and flexing her relationship with new love Safaree Samuels, Mena knows how to stay relevant. 

Aside from her headline-making personal life, Mena keeps fans interested with a steady stream of sexy, revealing Instagram uploads. To see the hottest thirst traps that made Samuels put a ring on it, check out the Insta gallery of Mena's hottest pics below. 

Side Boob

Flexing some side boob and a solid tan, Mena is ready for summer. 

Side Profile 

"One day you gone text me and imma be married💋 ," captioned Mena alongside a snap of her side-profile thirst trap. 


If you need a slow-motion shot of exactly how Mena sculpts her ample backside, look no further. 

Dripping In Jewels 

While Mena IS a mother, there's no arguing that she has a post-baby "mom" bod. 

'Twas The Night Before Christmas 

Nothing says Christmas Eve like a skin-tight, animal print bodysuit to flex your jaw-dropping figure, right? 

Both Hands 

Maybe THIS is why Safaree Samuels locked Mena down so quickly. 

Bikini Body

Mena is ready to hit the pool and let it all hang out in this revealing strap bikini. 


Clearly, Mena can rock a glam fit just as easily as she can pull off a revealing poolside look. 

Look Back At It 

With a backside like that, it's no surprise that Mena goes to great lengths to show it off. 


"Not sorry you mad," captioned Mena alongside a snap of a sexy mirror selfie. 

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