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Chrematistophilia (from Greek stem χρηματιστής chrematistes (meaning "money-giver" or "money-trader") and the suffix -philia) is a paraphilia whereby sexual arousal is obtained from being robbed, being held up, or alternatively from being charged for sexual services.[1]Kleptolagnia is its opposite, sexual arousal obtained through theft or breaking and entering.

Chrematistophilia is accepted as potentially lethal, other such paraphilias including, but not being limited to, asphyxiophilia, autassassinophilia, hybristophilia, and biastophilia.[2]

  1. ^ Sexual Positions Terms
  2. ^ Wilbert Anthony Gordon Jr. and James E. Elias. 2005. "Potentially Lethal Modes of Sexual Expression", paper presented at the 2005 Western Region Annual Conference of the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality

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