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March 15, 2019 12:45PM EDT

Nikki Bella has found love again with Artem Chigvintsev, and as we’ve EXCLUSIVELY learned, her family couldn’t be happier, especially since they have such ‘great chemistry’ together!

It’s been close to a year since Nikki Bella, 35, and John Cena, 41, called it quits, thus ending a six-year relationship mere weeks before they were set to wed. After taking time to heal, Nikki has found love again with her Dancing With The Stars partner, Artem Chigvintsev, 36, and as an insider EXCLUSIVELY tells, her inner circle is so “happy for her” now that she’s moved on from John. “They’re honestly surprised at how quickly she was able to do so.”

“When the breakup first happened, Nikki was so heartbroken,” the source tells “Her family worried that she would need a long time to fully move on, but Artem really put his best foot forward in trying to win Nikki’s heart and she’s very smitten. It’s still new for them, but they have great chemistry together.” The insider adds that Artem is “heavily pursuing” Nikki, and it seems he won’t give up on the connection he feels with the Total Bellas star.

One of the reasons why Nikki and John called it quits – as depicted on Total Bellas – was that Nikki wanted kids whereas John did not. Weeks after the split, John admitted that his stance might have caused him the love of his life. “I love her. I want to be with her. I want to make her my wife. I want to be the father of her children. I just want us to work,” he said when talking to Kathie Lee and Hoda Kotb in May 2018. However, such a turnaround was — as they say — “too little, too late.”

“Nikki really wants kids and her family had to constantly remind her that she couldn’t be with someone who didn’t want what she wanted,” the Bellas insider tells “She is not going to settle. She’d like to settle down and have a family sooner than later.”

Her family has also given their approval to Artem, as the insider tells us that they “knew him before and really like him.” It seems John has also given his blessing to Nikki’s new love, as an insider EXCLUSIVELY told that “he supports her and will always love her” and that he’s happy to hear she’s “finding love elsewhere…[he thinks] she should have the best life possible.”

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