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It was in this season that both Sosa and Mark McGwire were involved in the " home run record chase when both players' prowess for hitting home runs drew national attention as they attempted to pass Roger Maris ' single season home run mark of.

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Sosa once again led the league in home runs with 49 in 2002. Known as a free-swinger in his early years, and as a good strikeout candidate, Sammy became an effective hitter for average. He owns numerous team records for the Cubs, and he holds.

Dana Borisova is a Russian TV presenter, who was awarded the diploma of the Ministry of Defense of Russia For Achievements in Patriotic Propaganda.

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From the measurement of the trunk in which the body had been discovered, he also deduced that she must have been placed there "still warm" after the killing, as she could not have fitted once rigor mortis had taken hold. 1 Police could tell from.

She continually pushes herself not only in her fitness journey, but also with her career. Suzy worked hard in the gym, and followed a strict diet to achieve her figure. As a result, she was able to win the Miss BumBum competition. This offered her a platform to excel her career, and to follow her dreams with Suzys ultimate goal is to inspire her fans to do the same.

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